What is the difference between downtrodden and downcast?


In the courtroom, Weinstein, leaning over his walker, looked downtrodden after conferring with his lawyers about the developments. Later, in the hallway, the once-powerful movie producer shrugged and stayed silent as reporters shouted questions about the jury indications.

— “Harvey Weinstein jury suggests it’s deadlocked on two counts, unanimous on others in sexual assault case,” by Shayna Jacobs, The Washington Post, February 21, 2020




oppressed or treated badly by people in power.

EXAMPLE: Christian churches had a custom of placing metal boxes outside their doors on this day to collect cash and gifts for the downtrodden.



low in spirit, dejected


The reporter should have used downcast.


— Roger W. Smith

  February 2020

1 thought on “What is the difference between downtrodden and downcast?

  1. J.M.James

    Downcast even sounds better than downtrodden. Harvey Weinstein is a wealthy man, hardly part of the downtrodden. Downcast is appropriate to describe where Weinstein’s downward spiral has taken him, to court, to an upcoming sentencing, and a nightmare. Only solace might be to think, “the Lord is my Shempard, I shall not Fear.”



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