Can writing really be this bad?


Theodore Dreiser, ‘Will Fascism Come to America’ – Modern Monthly


Theodore Dreiser

“Will Fascism Come to America?”

Modern Monthly 

September 1934


1,602 words

1,602 words too long

And what does this screed have to do with or say about the rise of fascism?


— posted by Roger W. Smith

   September 2021

2 thoughts on “Can writing really be this bad?

  1. j.m.james

    Dreiser wrote an indulgent rant in this piece (“Will Fascism Come to America?”). Every disconnected thought in his mind on labor and capitalism was released into this article.

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    1. Roger W. Smith Post author

      Very true, Janet It’s apparent that there was no forethought by Dreiser (what am I going to say; and how … how will I organize and present my ideas?). Dreiser was a weak thinker and poor expositor. On my first visit to the Penn Dreiser archives, I was examining a folder that contained a draft of one of his essays. It looked like an eight grader’s paper written as a homework assignment.

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